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Capsule Your Closet

Are you like many of our customers who get stressed out over what to wear? What’s in style? What fits your body type? How do you look stylish without breaking the bank? How do you pick clothes that last beyond one season? Dressing your best is easier than you think!


You may have heard the term “capsule wardrobe” but unsure what that means. It’s really an easy concept. Buy a few key pieces that you can mix and match with other items and wear frequently. For these basic pieces, it does pay to invest in good quality and fit since you’ll be keeping them and wearing them often.


The fun part of a capsule wardrobe is mixing and mingling! As we move into summer, your key pieces might consist of a versatile pair of black slacks, a great fitting pair of denim jeans, a comfy pair of white pants, and a classic pair of shorts or even a skirt. A little black dress is ALWAYS a must have! Next, find tops in styles that are flattering to your preference and body type. Some solid layering basics are a staple. Then, neutral solids, some bold and bright colors, a few fun patterns in various styles to match your bottoms add to your capsule.


Once you have bottoms and tops, you can decide how you will coordinate additional pieces such as a blazer to wear with both jeans and your white pants. Or maybe a graphic tee to wear with your shorts or your jeans in addition to a dressier top. Find accessories that can dress up or down your pieces, along with two to three pairs of shoes that you can wear among all your choices. Finally, pick some accessory pieces that can work among many scenarios so you can pack lighter if you’re traveling or that really shows off your personality. Fun colors can really accent neutral items! 


Some may disagree, but I think you are always entitled to pick a few pieces that might not last in your closet for long whether it’s just a fun/trendy selection, or it’s a bold statement that you  might only enjoy for a season. Adding those short lived selections allow you to play with your capsule wardrobe and keep it fun and changing, too! Most women love to shop, so this gives you the freedom to add some impulse buys to your wardrobe!


You’re certain to discover that building a capsule wardrobe for each season is easier than imagined. Once you get the hang of being intentional with your buying purchases, you’ll see the importance of knowing WHY you’re buying a piece, WHAT purpose it will have in your wardrobe and HOW you’ll wear it for various occasions!


If you’re still not sure what you need, stop by Simply Home and let us help plan and build your capsule with you! 


 Happy Summer Shopping, Tami

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