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Graduate’s Guide

Graduation is a special time not only for the graduate but also for their family. It’s a time of celebration for hard work, an end to one journey, and a start to the next. It’s the time to see someone fly into the next stage that God has planned. It’s a time of excitement and joy mixed with bits of fear and uncertainty. 


No matter what’s next for the graduate…college, work, etc., they need comforts of home, sweet reminders of their past, and perfect accompaniments for their future.  Simply Home wants to share some sweet gift ideas to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them well in the next step!  


Picture frames that can be filled with a treasured photo of family or friends. Or frame a handwritten note that you’ve written to the graduate that may encourage them when they have a bad day or feel homesick. 


Jewelry is always a special gift because it lasts and lasts. Our ENewton line is gold filled and worry-free wear. Whether she has a bracelet stack already that you add to or you give her the first one, she will love and appreciate its beauty as she steps into adulthood.


As a young adult leaves home, they can easily question or wander in their faith regardless how strong it seems when they leave. Why not equip them with a new devotional book or study with personal notes from you included as encouragement? We also have beautiful prayer journals to help them stay connected to God. 


As they leave home, they can benefit from a travel bag or utility/makeup case. Fill it with some of our great skin care, body wash, and spa items to help them relax after a hard day. To make sure they drink enough water while they’re working and studying, a new SWIG tumbler is a great staple to have in one of our many styles!


For girls going into the workforce, perhaps some new fashion for a more professional setting other than a classroom. Maybe a dress, or nice capsule pieces like black pants or layering tops would be appreciated. Or a vegan leather purse or tote to replace a worn backpack would welcome them into a new role.


Whether it’s a dorm or an apartment, accents for her dwelling help it to feel like home.  Potted greenery, a tray to hold her favorite things, a standing cross, a wall canvas with watercolor scripture, or even our fun pompom strand lights add the comfy touch.


Last but not least, paper is always a nice gift.  A beautiful Hosanna Revival lined journal helps to recount all their new experiences.  A planner helps to keep them organized and remember to come home for a visit. Sassy sticky notes, list pads and note pads along with pens & markers are always a fun addition!


Only you know the special one you’re buying for, but we can help you find the sweetest gift that will be a treasure as they start on their next journey!  Stop by anytime or look through our Gift Guide online. We’ll wrap up your finds for a beautiful gift!


Many blessings to all the upcoming graduates,



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