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Let's Dote On Dad!

Moms get a lot of hype and attention for Mother’s Day, but it’s time to focus on the DADS in our life! They work hard, they do the heavy lifting, they lead our family, they remind us to not stress, and they are the rock within our homes. So, let’s love on the dads as Father’s Day approaches.


While we cater to women at the yellow house, we also find unique gifts that our men enjoy, too! Here are some ideas to get you gifting those DADS!


  • A man’s heart (and mood) centers around his stomach! That’s why food and BBQ items are always a hit! We carry the Grill You’re A@# Off Seasoning – created by a former veteran in Texas who gives back to amazing non-profits. They have so many good options and most are gluten free! Pair it with some of our Terrapin Ridge Farms sauces and squeezables for amazing meat and veggies! We have some grilling accessories to include as well. 

  • If your dad likes to wind down with a drink after a hard day, we can help! Our Proof cocktail syrups are fantastic and made by bartenders in Georgia. Add your bourbon or whiskey and you’re set with the perfect drink. Pair it with some of our bourbon glasses or a new SWIG tumbler for him!

  • Men like good shaving and bath products, too – even if they don’t admit it.  Jack Black carries a full line of beard, shaving, and all over body care that is hands down one of the best in the market! Their 3 in 1 body wash is my husband’s favorite! We also have some amazing leather Dopp Kits that are perfect for dads who travel and even young men heading off to college soon. 

  • Speaking of that, men like their sports and their college ties. If your dad went to one of the big Texas schools, stop by to see our new collegiate offerings. Our canvas logo signs for Baylor, Tech, and A&M are perfect for an office or man cave. We also have smaller signs, coasters, and accents for those schools as well.

  • Last but certainly not least, we want your man to relax, reflect and read! We have a line of journals, portfolios, devotionals and books to help men relax, grow, and focus on faith and life. 


I know I’m forgetting other great options, but these are my top 5 ways to love on dads this year! 

But hurry in because Father’s Day is THIS Sunday




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