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Who says your wellness routine can’t be fun? This signature collection of luxurious foaming body wash and bubble bath harness the power of shea butter and carefully curated natural conditioning oils that’ll leave you feeling oh-so fresh and clean.

Mango Tango Demi: Let us introduce you to Mango Tango Demi. She’s bursting at the seams with confidence. Layered with mango, sweet orange and peach, Demi is tropical and knows it. We topped her off with nuances of vanilla and coconut for that extra “you got this” vibe.

Floral Garden Delilah: Meet Delilah. And they said you couldn’t bottle Grace. Mouth-watering red apples and orange blossoms swirl around with peonies, lilies, jasmine and sandalwood.

Birthday Cake Mia: It’s her party and she’ll … you know. Mia is rich, buttery and swirling in sugared cinnamon. What’s not to like about this cake?

Honestly Margo Signature Body Wash

SKU: BodyWash
$18.95 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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