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Little Words Project isn't just a bracelet company- it is the start of a movement. A friendship bracelet you wear, then share, and track with the unique number on your tag. Each bracelet comes with a special message meant to provide its wearer with comfort and act as a constant reminder to believe in the little things. The wearer of the Little Words is meant to cherish her bracelet for as long as the tiny beads provide her the comfort she needs; then, when the timing is just right, she is meant to pass it on to someone who needs the word more than she does.We often underestimate the lasting and positive effects simple acts of kindness can have on young women and Little Words Project is here to remind us all. Wear them, Share them, Spread them- because "when words are both true and kind, they can change or world." So join the movement, and help us change the world, one Little Word at a time.

Little Words Project Bracelet

SKU: Brac-W

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